DEC 30, 2010

Update on Shows

It’s been almost a month since I announced the comeback of Shows. I originally wanted it to hit the App Store in December, but that’s obviously not gonna happen.

Aside from the fact that everything’s been taking more time than I anticipated (as always), I also found out a couple weeks ago that I had to drop MySpace as a data source. Long story short, they suck. They detected Shows scraping their HTML (which is obviously not permitted) and decided to block my server IPs. So I decided to ditch them completely, instead of play cat and mouse with a company that clearly doesn’t care. That is, until they launch their long promised Music Events API. Which might just never happen.

The good news is, the ditch only represents a 18% drop in concert listings, since most of the entries listed on MySpace are also up on The move also means less moving parts, since you never know when HTML scraping might break.

Furthermore, I felt like the update could really use Push Notifications, because the only way to truly never miss a gig is to get notified when new shows are announced. The feature is currently being wrapped up, and I’m hoping for a mid/late January release.

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