MAR 21, 2011


This app totally blows my mind. Take a picture of your face (or anything else) every day to ultimately build a timelapse. You can even “Line up your face with an adjustable grid or use an overlay of the last picture you took.”

This app really hits a string, because I had the idea for a timelapse/overlay app a couple months ago and ended up shelving it. And now this. It’s both rare and extremely exciting to see one of your ideas brought to life in a top-notch fashion that just nails (read: flummoxes) the way you would have executed it. Website looks great, app UI is terrific, and they even have a sweet promo video by famously funny @lonelysandwich:

I found out on William Wilkinson’s blog that the app idea is based on this super popular (18M views but I never saw it!) self-portrait video project by Noah Kalina. One picture a day, for 6 years:

This product seriously made my day. Highly recommended.