JUL 27, 2010

Hell, it's about time.

I’m not a big fan of games. But Blizzard just doesn’t do your average game. They make friggin awesome time-wasting, mind-blowing games. So Starcraft 2 is finally out. Today. Heck, it’s been like 15 years or something.

Like many, I played the beta and it’s quite amazing. I couldn’t push the graphics all the way up but it sure looks stunning anyway. If you’ve got the hardware, you’ll actually get to see blood dripping off your infantry as it walks around the battlefield with low hp. That’s how sick it gets.

Except maybe for this Halloween costume, that goes beyond any costume I could have dreamed of as a kid:

We’re just killing time here.

People all over the world are going nuts as we speak over this release. For Korea, you can imagine this is like the Apocalypse, with a rain of fire and teenage music bands making younger fellas go wild. They sure know how to party:

My awesome release party consisted of a bunch of clicks and hopes that the massive demand wouldn’t choke the shiny new bnet servers to death. I was really excited to see Blizzard put up a pre-download link, as Amazon wouldn’t ship it to Canada on the launch day. And who wants a DVD and a booklet you’re gonna lose or throw away in a couple of days?

Digital Sales start 07/27/2010 10:00 AM PDT

Until then, let’s all sit back and watch that epic cinematic trailer that’s been making us drool for 3 years. If you want to see what an actual game looks like, head over here or here (both games are Terran vs Protoss). The players are good.

I’m no Korean, but I ain’t bad. Add me as a friend on and I’ll kick your butt (just kidding). Email is samvermette[at]gmail[dot]com. See you on the other side.