OCT 11, 2011

New Share Pages

Four months of hard labor finally came to an end last week, as I sent Shows 2.5 in for review. It is a huge update with a refined UI and with loads of new exciting features. The update has already been approved by Apple and will hit the App Store next Tuesday, along with a brand new app-site.

In preparation for this exciting release, I decided to prematurely unveil Shows’ new share pages. They’ve been redesigned in hope to not only focus more on content but also feature the work of some amazing photographers. Folks that have been kind enough to let me showcase their shots first on Shows’ current homepage and now in these:

The list doesn’t stop there, but obviously I wasn’t able to find a great shot for every single one of the 120k artists Shows is tracking. So I’m handling all other artists with a great generic “crowd shot” by Rhys Asplundh:

If you happen to stumble on one of those, are a photographer and would like to have your shot featured in this fashion, please get in touch.