DEC 16, 2011

SVHTTPRequest v2

Three months ago I open-sourced SVHTTPRequest, a rough take on making REST web requests easier on iOS. To my surprise, a lot of people started using it. So much that I started feeling guilty for having such a primitive class out there (that I didn’t even use myself!). Sure, it was simple to use. But hell, it didn’t have PUT and DELETE requests, had clumsy support for basic auth and didn’t even allow a persistent API endpoint.

Enter SVHTTPRequest, version 2.0 (so cliché, I know):

Just a reminder of how easy it is to use:

Needless to say, I now use this bad boy in both of my apps.

NOTE: I usually try to ease transition to new versions of my Github classes. In this case, however, I felt like the design was flawed from the start and was compelled of giving SVHTTPRequest a fresh start. Check out the transition notes to easily upgrade to this awesome new version.