More about me

I've been writing code and designing mockups for longer than I can remember. I guess I've always been obsessed with how people interact with things. So I figured: what better way to scratch that itch than to create things myself?

My momma always said I was a quick learner. So while in high school, I decided to self-learn PHP and create web apps in my spare time. I didn't have a business model, I just wanted to build things I would use. In 2006, this passion for creation led me to study industrial design at the University of Montreal, which helped me fine tune how I approached design problems and solutions.

During the cold, boring classes of winter 2009, I started learning Objective-C and pushed my first apps to the App Store. Meanwhile, I continued developing for the web, collaborating with artists like Luc Courchesne and Mc Baldassari.

After graduating in May 2010, I spent most of my time developing for iOS with entrepreneur Gary Culliss creating Firefly, an attempt to better integrate location-based networks with Twitter. I've also pushed code for the increasingly popular Fancy, often refered to as the "Facebook of stuff".

Since January 2011, I've taken a step back from the freelance world to focus on my two ongoing projects: Shows and Transit.