Shows has retired on August 30th, 2013. Read more about it on my blog.

Easy to Follow

Use the Artists tab to quickly see when and where your favorite artists have a gig nearby, or use the Dates tab to browse all your local concert listings chronologically.

Local, Redefined

Shows revolves around your own definition of local. Set how far you're willing to travel for a gig using the distance slider. Going on a trip? Offset your location and check out what's happening at your destination.

Artist Sources

Regardless of whether you're a scrobble nut, an iTunes Match aficionado, or a Facebook likes junkie, Shows can automatically stay in sync with your latest musical finds.

Get Notified

There are some artists you just don't want to miss. Good thing Shows saves everything in the cloud, so it can automatically notify you when one of your artists announces a gig near you.


Keep tabs on your favorite concerts. Shows will even remind you one week prior to the event to make sure you've got those tickets secured.

Sharing and Beyond

Share gigs with friends over Facebook, Twitter, SMS and email. Create a calendar event and add attendees. See the complete lineup from the page. All without ever leaving Shows.